unkultiviert. sculptural positions

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unkultiviert. sculptural positions

unkultiviert. sculptural positions
Patrick Ostrowsky, 2021

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This artist book brings together interviews and texts as well as a comprehensive outline of Patrick Ostrowsky's work between 2015 - 2021 and the making of the exhibition "unkultiviert". Furthermore the book contains the text "You don´t know how wonderful dirt is" by Elettra Carnelli about Ostrowsky's sculptural approach.

In his practice Patrick Ostrowsky follows an interest in Architecture, Urban Design and Sculpture. An exploration of his works reveals not only a specific creative process inspired by the built environment, but also a method of representation that concentrates on the material aspect of places: remains, fragments and ruins. In his case from Italian architectural lost places from 1930s. unkultiviert sculptural positions was published on the occasion of the exhibition "unkultiviert" at Britta Rettberg Gallery, Munich.

Text contribution: Elettra Carnelli, Britta von Rettberg and Patrick Ostrowsky
Design: Lydia Perrot

book (sewn binding w open spine) + 60p. 4/4c digital print, 44p. 2/2c riso print,
20 x 27 cm

Book documentation: © Patrick Ostrowsky and Britta Rettberg, Munich 2021

ISBN: 978-3-00-068545-3

1st limited Edition of 100, English/German